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How to Register a Matrix Account on

In order to register a Matrix account here, you need to email [andi(at)] me to get a registration token first.

Please begin the email subject with [Token Request] and tell me something about how you are going to use Matrix in the email body so that I can know you are not a robot or spammer.
Normally, I would notify you of the decision within one day. With the registration token, you would be able to register using any client that supports registration tokens (e.g. Element, FluffyChat, etc.) using the homeserver URL (copy it to your client, do not open this link directly in your browser).
The registration doesn't require an email address once you have obtained the token.

I promise that I will not intentionally link the email address you use to obtain the token with your matrix account, but please keep in mind that it is technically possible to do so (hence you may consider using a temporary email address to request the token).

You can find the data protection agreement here